Circumstances When You Need A Divorce Attorney The Most

In Connecticut, divorce petitioners have the right to file pro se. However, some circumstances require an advanced understanding of the law. Petitioners who aren’t familiar with all divorce laws need help to avoid common errors and misconceptions. A local attorney offers clarity and legal assistance for all divorce petitioners.

When Domestic Violence Involves a Child

Domestic violence that involves the child requires the petitioner to take quick action. The petitioner has the right to secure a protection order after the crime is reported. The protection order prevents the aggressor from getting anywhere near the victim. However, it isn’t a long-term solution when the aggressor is a parent. A sole child custody order helps the parent protect their child from their spouse during and after the divorce proceedings.

When Serious Risks Exist

The most common risks to children include abuse, addiction, and criminal activities. Upon the discovery of these risks, the opposing parent files a petition through the court. All risks are also reported to Child Protective Services who launch an investigation. The parent receives temporary custody of the child if a risk exists.

The case goes in front of the court after all evidence is secured, and the investigation concludes. If a risk still exists when the case goes to court, the petitioning parent receives custody of the child.

When Mediation is the Next Step

An attorney helps divorce petitioners when all efforts to resolve issues are exhausted. The petitioner needs legal assistance during mediation to negotiate with the defendant and their attorney. With legal help, the petitioner won’t make grave errors that cost them vital assets or child custody assignments. Mediation is the last ditch effort to prevent a divorce trial.

Contested Divorces and Trials

Contested divorces that weren’t managed through mediation go to trial. During the trial, the judge and a jury consider the argument on each side. The judge and jury make all final decisions about assets, debts, and custody.

In Connecticut, divorce petitioners need assistance when starting their case and when complexities arise. The cases define which party receives marital assets, child custody, and alimony. The assignments alter the lives of each party and require careful attention to avoid errors. Petitioners who are ready to start their case need a divorce attorney right now.